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7 Ways to Become a Mental Health Advocate

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. If you want to become an advocate for the importance of taking care of our Mental Health, we’ve got 7 actionable ways you can start today!

1.     Get certified! Our Mental Health First Aid certification is one of our most popular courses. Learn best practices to assist someone in the midst of a mental health crisis. Join us Thursday, May 25:  Register Now!

2.     Program these important numbers in your phone as a resource:

988: Direct line for suicide prevention and crisis support in PA
1-800-273-8255: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

3.     Keep the conversation going. Talk about the importance of mental health with others. Correct others when they use stigmatizing language around mental health.

4.     Be aware of the signs that someone may be experiencing a Mental Health issue. They include: disheveled physical appearance, not participating in activities they once found enjoyable, poor appetite, missed work time or coming to work late frequently. 

5.     Attend an awareness walk or other community event around Mental Health. When people gather for a cause, it affects real change!

6.     Encourage your local politicians to prioritize mental health and invest in community programs.

7.     Practice self-care! When we unapologetically take time for ourselves, we empower others to do the same. Take time for yourself to heal and rejuvenate your spirit!

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