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What We Do

Support for Employers

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Collaborate With Us

Our goal is to work with employers to foster a stable, highly trained workforce that meets the needs of a changing health care environment. Well-trained employees are competent, confident, and efficient, and that leads to higher client/patient satisfaction and ratings. 

Work with us to improve quality, retain your workforce, and raise client satisfaction:

  • Mentorship
  • Lean Quality Training
  • Certification classes
    • CPR
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • Dementia Capable Care
    • Crisis Prevention Intervention

If your workforce enjoys The SEIU Training and Education Fund benefits bargained into your union contract, visit our Participants page to view a full list of benefits that are offered.  And then, let's talk!

Teamwork Makes Lean Work

Eliminating waste and standardizing work makes overall processes more efficient, allows workers to be successful, and meets the needs of the customer. A natural outcome of our Lean Quality Improvement program is cost-savings. Creating a Lean Quality culture in your organization will improve employee retention, quality outcomes, customer satisfaction, and a healthier budget. 

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The Value of Mentorship

Most health care workers find their work gratifying and rewarding. But initially, the job can be overwhelming. High turnover of staff continues to drain budgets and resources. 

The Benefits of Mentorship: 

  • Strengthens recruitment: Having a mentorship program signals to potential hires that your workplace is committed to providing on-going support for new employees.
  • Cost-effective retention: Mentorship programs are inexpensive to implement and preserve your investment in recruitment and training.
  • Lower turnover: Human resource professionals estimate that employee turnover drains an average of 9% per year from your bottom line. Mentorship programs are proven to retain employees and cut costs. 
  • Foster teamwork and improve care: Investing in efforts that promote teamwork and relationship building results in better quality care and higher resident satisfaction.  

Let’s Talk Over Coffee

Whether you are looking to certify a group of employees, or need to implement a comprehensive training system, we want to meet with you.

Tell us about your needs and we will be in touch with you soon!

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