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Tuition Assistance

Rules & Requirements

Eligibility for Tuition Assistance

  • You need to have worked full or part time at your facility for a minimum of 4 months prior to the application deadline.
  • Casual or per diem employees must wait a minimum of one year prior to the application deadline. 
  • You need to be working a minimum of 15 hours per week on average.
  • You need to be working in a unionized position with SEIU Healthcare Pennsylvania
  • And you need to have the Training and Education Fund benefits in your union contract. 

Not sure?  Call the union's Member Resource Center at 1-800-252-3894.

Pay Attention To Deadlines! 
You need to submit your application on time.
  • Go HERE to check the appropriate deadline for your program.

  • ​If you're doing multiple terms toward a degree/license/certification, you'll need to submit applications prior to EACH term.

  • If you are attending a short continuing education course or other one-term program, you will need to submit your application to us at least 21 days before that class starts.
  • While you are in school, you need to maintain your employment in a union position with your employer at a minimum of 15 hours per week.

  • You need to submit your grades and billing statement to the SEIU HCPA Training and Education Fund within 90 days of completing your course.

  • Let us know if you are struggling with your course work, if you change programs, or anything else so we can help you navigate, reach your goals, and keep your assistance.

Questions?  Contact us.


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